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Valet parking NO CAR NO KEYS
Booked my valet parking at Schiphol Airport because of the late flight and arriving 2 AM I was thinking it will be best option for me and my small baby. So my first day home and I’m still without a car . A day of arrival to Schiphol someone was calling me to inform me that they LOST a keys from car. It can happened but what now ? Till now still nothing happens ,nobody cares about situation. Calling many times to costumer service and they can’t do anything I have to call to some Amir sometimes he doesn’t picking up the phone , calling back to costumer service no one knows where is the car , who is responsible, in this company they don’t have a managers , they don’t have a person who is responsible for situations, they absolutely don’t deliver service what you paying , you can’t complain to someone because there is noone
After a many calls yesterday I should get a taxi back to my home. They didint provide a proper taxi just some person came with car what doesn’t have even lights inside in the car , which was super unsafe to have a ride with car like this , but we were told that taxi will wait for us…. Pitty I can’t post photos here of the taxi.
We finally got home , but what will happen now ? Company they don’t wanna pay and take responsibility for a lost key new key cost 350e ,where is the garantie if we take care home that car will be not stolen next day ?

So thanks to valet parking Quick parking we are without car for how long ?
Where is my car ? WHO’s is going to solve this problem , when problem will be solved ? Who is going to pay extra cost ? Who will be professional person who can answer this ? Please dot not use this service if you wanna have a nice holiday and have your car !!!!